A sampling of testimonials for Hugh Chewning and Chewning Direct Marketing:


“Hugh Chewning is one of the few pure professional direct mail copywriters I have worked with over the past 25 years. His focus on results and knowledge on what delivers lower acquisition costs, separates him from the list of who’s who in DM. Hugh’s no nonsense approach to direct mail copywriting has provided my clients countless winners over the years. I have always appreciated Hugh’s insights and strategic approach in developing new controls…he really knows his stuff.”

Peter Nelson, Response Marketing Services

“Hugh is one of the rare individuals who understands marketing from both sides of the desk – as a banker and as a consultant to bankers. Having worked with Hugh over the last three years, I appreciate his total understanding of branding, product and positioning. The challenges he faced marketing a failing bank in a distressed market (California) and still achieving a high level of success, attests to his professionalism and tenacity.”

Tom Roth, SourceLink

“Hugh knows how to get results in direct response advertising. He has written mail packages for me. One of the first projects we worked on, Hugh wrote/designed a direct mail package for a major entertainment client. Hugh’s package beat the control’s response rate by a factor of (I’m not exaggerating here) two to one! His work was instrumental in helping us grow this client’s business.”

Steve D’Amico

“Hugh taught me the ins and outs of direct mail and how to produce a successful direct mail program. He was able to convince Executive Management to move forward on marketing strategies and programs that they were hesitant to produce, but which resulted in very successful promotions.”

Dennis Umeda

“Hugh Chewning is a rare talent who has a broad understanding of what makes direct response marketing work.

My company has benefited (and profited) from Hugh’s talents for over ten years. I think the length of our association speaks to our high level of satisfaction with Hugh’s work.

If I had to say one thing about Hugh’s work, it is the disciplined approach he takes. He might be the most fundamentally sound copywriter I have ever worked with. His copywriting is not only powerful persuasive and talks one-on-one to the reader, but as importantly, he clearly and compellingly promotes the offer and leads the recipient toward a specific action.

Hugh is a continuous source of new ideas – both inside and outside the box – but doesn’t let “creativity” override what is learned through past test results and what the overall marketing objectives are. In other words, his focus is always on our bottom line.”

Larry Kirk, Next Century Communication

“I’ve had the pleasure of working for Hugh as well as hiring Chewning Direct Marketing for several of our clients. He is without a doubt one of the very best direct mail copy writers in the world. In the twenty years I have known Hugh I’ve seen him beat many, many hard to beat control packages. If you need results you owe it to yourself to talk to Hugh. You will not regret it.”

Skip Reed, Direct Partners

“I’ve known Hugh for 20+ years and when my direct mail customers need a break-through idea or tweaks to extend the control’s run, I bring him in. His approach is methodical, disciplined and fundamentally sound. He’s a direct marketing purist who asks the right questions, designs the proper tests and offers a creative approach to increase the customer’s direct mail profitability. When you want to increase your direct mail’s effectiveness, call Hugh Chewning.”

Chris R. Locker, The Segerdahl Group