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Persuasive direct mail copywriter delivers higher sales, more leads and greater profits

Services: Copywriting, Strategy and Consulting

Dear Friend,

Let’s talk. I’m a direct mail copywriter with 20-plus years experience and want to show you how to make your direct mail more profitable – risk-free!

Over the years, I’ve written successful direct response copy for newspaper ads, Internet sites, landing pages and e-mails. My clients include:

software companies. . .veteran groups. . .financial offers. . . membership organizations. . .travel clubs. . .nonprofits. . . environmental groups. . .home loans. . .senior organizations. . . insurance. . . and, I’ve even sold a motor oil additive through the mail.

Now, I’d like to show what I can do for you. You only need to take advantage of my free package critique to see for yourself whether my ideas have merit. It’s like kicking the tires before you buy the car. There’s no risk and no obligation just Contact me today and we can get started.

My qualifications

My copy motivates people to take action. I write in a conversational style – as if one person is writing to one other person – and my letters sell benefits.

For example, I don’t sell insurance. But I do sell security, protection and peace of mind. And when writing for a magazine, rather than sell subscriptions, I offer information that will make your life more interesting, enjoyable and profitable. I won’t even sell you a cure for cancer but will give you the hope that you and your family can be free of its suffering.

My copy has earned two Gold Echo Awards, an Echo Leader Award and Pioneer Awards and is included in the publication World’s Greatest Direct Mail Sales Letters (NTC Publishing Group).

But more important than awards is that my 30-plus years of writing direct response copy—for consumer, nonprofits and business-to-business groups—has helped my clients achieve higher sales, more contributions and greater profitability.

Yet what I’ve done for other clients isn’t as important as what I can do for you. To judge for yourself, send me your control package today and I’ll give you a free package critique risk-free. If my ideas make sense, then we can move on to the next stage. If not, there’s no obligation.

To get started, call me at 949-854-5401 (Pacific Time) today or Contact me via e-mail and let’s discuss how we can best work together.

I’m looking forward to working with you soon.

Hugh C. Chewning

P.S. You can see samples of my work here.