The CDM Advantage

Direct mail specialist delivers higher sales, more leads and increased profits


Experience is “the practical knowledge, wisdom and skill gained from direct participation or observation of events.”

And with 20+ years of direct mail experience, I’ve accumulated a history of practical marketing knowledge that we can leverage to your advantage.

Most likely, I’ve encountered an experience similar to yours. I’ve worked with consumer, nonprofit and business-to-business groups and have practiced direct mail as an agency, client and as an entrepreneur.

But what do I give you that you can’t get elsewhere?

In a word, it’s “me.”

You get my experience, professionalism and the value I’ll bring to your organization.

Yet I realize that having earned two Gold Echo Awards, an Echo Leader Award and Pioneer Award…and having my work published in World’s Greatest Direct Mail Sales Letters (NTC Publishing Group)…lacks significance unless I deliver the results you need.

Free, No-Risk “Get Acquainted” Offer

Try me now risk-free. Whether you’re looking to beat your control, tweak it to extend the mailing’s life or want to launch a new start-up, I can help.

You’ll find that I practice fundamentally sound, results-driven direct mail which for you, means higher sales, more leads and increased profits.

To see what I can do, take advantage of my free, no-risk package critique offer now. Just send me a sample of your direct mail package and I’ll give you my observations along with actionable recommendations. All I ask is that once you approve my ideas, you use me to develop the test packages.

How do we start? It’s easy. Contact me via e-mail or give me a call at 949-854-5401 (Pacific Time). We’ll talk about your direct marketing needs and within 15 minutes, we’ll know if it makes since for us to work together.

I’m looking forward to learning more about your organization and discussing how we can boost your direct mail results. Give me a call today.


Hugh C. Chewning

P.S. Twenty-plus years of direct mail experience gives you a disciplined approach to getting more from your direct marketing dollars. Give me a call today at 949-854-5401 or Contact me via e-mail. There’s no cost or obligation.