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Free direct mail critique. Take advantage of my 20+ years direct mail experience and let me give you at least 3 new ideas that can make your direct mail more profitable.

The ideas are yours free and without obligation.

All I need are samples of your control mailing and answers to a few basic questions that will help me understand your objectives and targeted audience.

Once I have this information, I’ll review your mailing and give you my written observations and recommendations. You can then decide whether it makes sense for us to work together.

If I don’t think I can help, I’ll tell you rather than waste your time.

But with 20+ years of direct mail experience, I’ve likely encountered an experience similar to yours and can find new ways to make your mailing more lucrative.

Call me today at 949-854-5401.

Your risk is zero. Your time involvement is limited. Yet your benefit potential is enormous. All I ask is that when you accept my ideas, you use me to develop the test packages.

Let me show you – risk free – my ideas on how I can make your mailing more profitable. Call me today at 949-854-5401, or contact me via e-mail, and let’s get started.


Hugh C. Chewning